Internet Governance and the Future of News

Event Description:

Across the world, the Internet has become a primary platform for independent news and reporting. While citizens make use of it to access otherwise limited and restricted information, it has become an increasingly important tool for journalists as they gather information, engage sources, and interact with readers.

How the Internet is governed and develops in the future thus has a direct and immediate impact on media development – yet, the media development community has been largely absent from global, multi-stakeholder governance forums. An upcoming report, co-published by the Center for International Media Assistance and Article 19, makes the case for greater media development engagement in Internet governance and offers strategic suggestions about how to initiate participation.

Report authors from CIMA and Article 19 will present their findings and discuss what types of assistance are needed to foster these goals. They will be joined by Andreas Reventlow, a program developer with International Media Support, and Bolo Bhi co-founder and director Sana Saleem to offer insight on how best to implement suggested solutions in the field and bring digital issues to the forefront.

Replay the event, which was held on 23 March 2017: