Tunisia: Draft Law on the Right of Access to Information

In September 2013, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Draft Law on the right to access to information that is currently undergoing a process of public consultations.

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the efforts of the Tunisian Government to protect the right to information through an Act of Parliament, which affords greater legal protection than an existing Decree on this subject (Decree No. 2011 - 41 of 26 May 2011, Decree).

It is positive that the Draft Law retains many positive features of the Decree. At the same time, some of the weaknesses identified in relation to the Decree have not been remedied. In particular, the Draft Law needs to improve the regime of exceptions for the refusal of requests for information, and should include a clear public interest override provisions. The provisions on the Information Commission should be brought fully in line with international standards and best practices.