Political and Media Transitions in Tunisia: A Snapshot of Media Policy and Regulatory Environment

Political and Media Transitions in Tunisia is a snapshot of the current media policy and regulatory environment in Tunisia. The research for this paper was carried out in May and June of 2011 by Joan Barata Mir. This, and a companion study on the media and transition challenges in Egypt was prepared for a three-day meeting – Informing the Dialogue and Creating a Roadmap: Workshop in Comparative Media Law, Policy and Regulation in the MENA Region – organized by Internews. The meeting, the first in a multi-part series of workshops, brought together key stakeholders from the academic, law and policy and civil society communities interested in participating in a dialogue intended to aid the media transitions in the Middle East and North Africa. Various media stakeholder groups from the MENA region and several international experts attended the meeting and explored strategies and opportunities for media law reform in Tunisia and Egypt.