After the Revolution: Libyan and Tunisian media through the people’s eyes

Much has been written about the media in Libya and Tunisia following the revolutions of 2011, most of it focused on the role of social media, mobile telephony and the internet, as well as on rapidly proliferating private media. There has been little research, however, that looks at the media through the eyes of those who consume it.

This report draws on the work of BBC Media Action in Tunisia and Libya and collates audience research undertaken in 2013 and 2014 exploring people’s perceptions of the media during that period. Statistics and analysis given reflect this research. This paper does not attempt a comprehensive analysis of the distinct, fast-changing and complex Libyan and Tunisian political and media landscapes, but is intended to summarise and draw insights from two sets of research which we hope will contribute to a better understanding of how people in these countries view their media