IMS (International Media Support)

IMS (International Media Support) is an international non-profit organisation working across four continents. Our staff of around 140 employees of more than 30 different nationalities work from headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as from regional country offices around the world.

Founded in 2001 in the wake of conflicts in Rwanda and the Balkans where media was used as a tool to incite war, IMS works in a context sensitive manner, carefully assessing the needs of local media in each country before entering in close dialogue with local organisations and international peers and adjusting our work as the situation changes.

Our programmes are attentive towards gender balance and minorities, as we strongly believe in the importance of enabling women and members of marginalised groups to participate equally and freely in the media as an integral part of democratic development.

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IMS (International Media Support)
تركز هذه الدراسة على المنظمات والمؤسسات الإعلامية السورية المستقلة في المنفى التي نشأت منذ انتفاضة 2011. ظهرت هذه الوسائط وتطورت وسط حرب لم يسبق لها مثيل من حيث النطاق والتعقيد. حرب تسببت في خسائر فادحة في صفوف المدنيين في سوريا وشردت جزء كبير من سكانها. أجبرت ديناميكيات الحرب وتأثيرها على الأرض...
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